Beauty, moisture resistance, variety and quality materials are what clients are concerned with when ordering decorative furniture and cabinets. Fortunately, in Iran-similar to the pioneering countries in the field-the variety and quality of materials and design are able to meet client demands.

Vacuum is a coating made of PVC, which is water and spot resistant. It’s very thin and is attached on raw MDF using press machine.

The most feature of classis style is the hand crafted engravings and ornamentations on fully wooden products. But nowadays the said patterns can be carved using CNC devices and vacuumed overlays can be pasted using press machines. This way, beautiful patterns and designs have found their way into the modern style.

MDF is an inexpensive material in spite of its sturdiness, and after being coated with vacuum press machines, becomes very valuable, and can be used for cabinets, doors and other furniture.