Lasting Kitchen Trends and designs

Title: Lasting Kitchen Trends and designs
Source: https://www.caesarstone.ca

If you have decided to take the big plunge and redecorate your kitchen you are bound to ask yourself sooner rather than later, “Which kitchen trends appeal to me?” and “Will I still like my kitchen in a few years?”. These are important questions both at the aesthetic level and also financially since kitchen renovation is often one of the costliest expenses in the home. When it comes to kitchen trends, there are trends that are have a shorter, more seasonal life-span and there are those that you can count on in the long run. The latter category includes white kitchens, grey kitchens and kitchens with quartz countertops.
So let’s talk about white kitchens. White kitchens come in all genres- modern, transitional, traditional etc. Their common denominator is that the white colouring makes the space look larger than it is and provides the kitchen with a clean and inviting feel. Ceasarstone has designed a wide variety of white countertops to meet the growing demand. Its selection ranges from more traditional styles that include marble-like and clean white designs to more contemporary alternatives such as white striped and concrete-like surfaces.
The white kitchen below has an ultra-modern feel and it uses Ceasarstone’s 4001 Fresh Concrete. All of the white elements in the kitchen create a calming and harmonious environment. The kitchen has clean white counters and cabinets as well as a white table and chairs. The semi-transparent white curtains gently caress the space while the floating wooden decoration adds to the free-flowing ambiance of the kitchen
Lasting Kitchen Trends and designs
A strong-runner up to white kitchens is grey kitchens. While grey can work in any style of kitchen, you need to be more careful with it. Grey can be cold. Unless this is the effect you are aspiring towards, you need to either choose warm materials such as wood which soften the grey or play around with mixing and matching of materials which adds depth and warmth to the space. Of course, your choice of accessories can also transform the space and give it the right level of warmth.
Here is a modern kitchen that perfectly balances grey tones with warmer wooden materials. The kitchen has a large island made of Ceasarstone’s 5133 Symphony Grey and the same material was used to create a full length dining room table. The parquet floors have a grey tone and so do the walls. A key element that adds warmth is the wooden cabinet on the right that anchors the design. There are also carefully selected black elements that provide it with added sophistication such as the low hanging industrial style lamps and long sofa against the wall.
Lasting Kitchen Trends and designs, Atra interior design group
When it comes to choosing the right countertop material, there is a clear and growing preference amongst designers and consumers towards quartz countertops. According to the “Consumers Reports”, quartz is the toughest countertop material which resists scratches, burns and chips. Ceasarstone’s countertops are made from 93% quartz which makes them incredibly durable and long-lasting. In addition, the surfaces are hygienic, easy to clean and don’t require resealing.

Best of all, Ceasarstone’s quartz surfaces are available in a wide variety of design so you can select the surface of your dreams.