Customer relationship management (CRM) is a department functioning towards enhanced customer relationships, preservation of customers and their satisfaction. In the Atra group, the CRM department starts its activity following a contract. This activity consists of the stages below:
  1.      Following on the production and installation stages;
  2.      Sales support;
  3.      Tending to the opinions, recommendations and complaints of clients;
  4.      Conducting surveys.

1. Following on the production and installation stages
Following a contract, the clients contact the CRM unit in order to inquire and coordinate about the production process, time and manner of assembly.
2. sales support
Following the completion of project installation and delivery, the CRM agent contacts the clients, registering their possible request in the system for due follow ups. After the completion of their request, the client is contacted again and the final result is announced. This process continues for a year.
The primary task of the CRM unit is filing client complaints/requests and announcing the final results.
3. tending to the opinions, recommendations and complaints of clients
In the case of problems such as delayed execution, dissatisfaction with the product and lack of proper results in the tracking process, the request is sent to the complaints section. At the end of each month, in a meeting with the directors of the compound, the problems are investigated and discussed via a report to find the root of the problem.
conducting surveys
After complete installation and delivery, the ISO-approved form is submitted to the client in order to give a score of their preference to the stated parts based on their satisfaction.
At the end, by combining the scores, the client satisfaction regarding the units are delivered in the form of a chart and discussed in the meeting.
All activities of this department are aimed at enhanced performance and 100% satisfaction of clients.