Research and Development

R&D (research and development) department
Increased competition has led many organizations to concentrate their activities on fundamental products and abilities. This task requires investment on research and innovative approaches. The R&D activities must establish new business opportunities or reform the current business of the institute.
Nowadays R&D directly influences innovation, productivity, quality, standard of living, market share and other factors of competitive position. By the emergence of globalization, technology acquirement methods have changed, opening new ways for nations and institutes to obtain various levels of technology.
In this direction, the Atra industrial group established the R&D department of the company in 2016. R&D unit has been able to take important steps in progressing the higher objectives of the company in cooperation with the market analysis department, thanks to up-to-day technology and equipment and skilled, well-trained human workforce. The following are some of these achievements:
  1.      The industrial research department: this department has been established aiming to study raw materials, reduce waste, produce new products, research for the detection and mitigation of defects and increase productivity and research about establishing new systems, their change or mechanization.
  2.       Quality research department: this department is mainly concerned with supervision over the production process. If the supervising, sales and marketing departments report defects or flaws in the products or put forth recommendations regarding their quality enhancement, this depaertment will see to the modification and enhancement of the product on the production site.
  3.       New technologies research department: another task of the technology research department is updating production technologies such as packaging, tools and equipment, devices, etc. that have been recommended about to the head director following periodic visits of pioneering manufacturers. The ideas are reported in a specific format including price and capacity analysis, and if the financial requirements are met, technology transformation and replacement takes place.