Quality Guarantee

The Atra group has taken a solid step towards enhanced quality and client satisfaction by implementing and acquiring the ISO9001:2008 international certificate.
In this direction, the quality guarantee unit is tasked with documenting the systems, programs, executive methods, manuals and guidelines of the organization.
The chief duties of the quality guarantee are as follows:
  1.      Conducting internal auditions, collecting the audition data and their documentation;
  2.      Supervision over the calibration, maintenance and control of the equipment;
  3.      Performing modificational and preventive actions in the case of incompliance, tracking the issues and preventing similar incompliance in future.
Quality guideline
The Atra industrial group specializes in the area of woodcrafts, MDF and interior decoration using the latest technology and machinery. This company is determined to pursue its objectives such as enhancement of quality, satisfaction of all stakeholders and the ever increasing empowerment of the human workforce for prioritization of merit. On this track, the group has established the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, obligating the directors and the whole staff body to its maintenance and improvement.
For this purpose the following items are planned and executed:
  •         Enhancement of products quality;
  •         Increasing client satisfaction and confidence;
  •         Increasing the market share;
  •         Control of expenses and the income system;
  •         Improvement of the staff competency.
The lead management of the organization and all of the capable, meritable colleagues, as the most valued and significant asset of the Atra group, are committed to this guideline within their responsibilities for a bright, inspiring future and better tomorrow.