Marketing and Sale

Marketing is a specialized area of expertise, oriented towards identifying customer demand and organizing their thoughts towards the goal (sales of goods or offering services).
In the recent years, with the growth of ideas and diversification of the commerce, the sales market has turned into a competitive area that necessitates the presence of marketing experts at any factory, company or gallery. In the Atra industrial group, marketing department consists of an expert crew:
  •         Sales manager
  •         Marketing director
  •         Sales expert
  •         Market study expert
  •         Online marketing expert
  •         Public affairs director
  •         Tendering expert
Regional marketing agent
At the first stage, marketing agents personally visit different regions, introducing the Atra industries and its products to the owners and technicians of the buildings in construction using catalogues, videos and resumes, inviting them to visit the showroom.
Showroom presentation and sales
At the time of the clients visiting the showroom, the sales director and other salespersons of the organization provide the client with necessary information regarding the quality, material and unique features of each model, and in case an initial selection is performed, the mapping squad visit the target location, taking the exact measures. The obtained information including the mearuement plan, photographs, videos and the client’s comments are relayed to the design department for the required designs to be designed via 3D max software.
Making the contract
After the completion of design process and employer’s approval, the contract is made with the consent of both parties; following which the design information are sent to the factory and the execution and production operations begin.