Department of Design is one of the main elements of an interior decoration exhibition. In Atra industrial collection, design part consists of a group of professionals and architecture engineers which portraying customer's desire and need with grace, skill and creativity.
The duties of the design department are as follows:
- The surveyor visits the project site, delivers photos, videos and map locations to the design section and then begins the work of Design department.
- Designers, drawing detailed plans with Auto cad and meet with customers to understand their needs and views.
- By using 3D MAX software, selected designs exactly simulates in the form of three-dimensional at the desired location, and customers can view the sample design of their selected plans.
- Design Group, advice customers in the field of technical information, arrangement, color, material, etc. and help them to choose the best plan.
- Observe the maximum elegance, precision and technical principles in the design, is one of required features for designers.
- After final approval of customers, the plan delivered to Sales Manager and production line.