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The industrial group of Araye Choob Atra (Atra ™) started its activities in the area of interior decoration in 2003, in a small workshop of 25 square meters. After seveal months, in order to directly distribute and sell its products, the company opened its first showroom with the trade name of Armood. With the favorable response of clients and increased volume of orders, there was a need for larger production space. In 2005 the workshop was relocated to a hall of 200 square meters in the Tarhchi (Khin Arab) area.

The expansion of production space continuously progressed for several years, leading to the current workshop, with an area of 6000 square meters and 10 distinct production sections.

In 2012 the Design Cabin showroom was opened in Sanabad Street. The Atra group entered the international market with its brand of super high-gloss boards titled Kavak. Also the accessory shop of Atra started in 2014 in order to provide supplementary parts.

Due to increasing progress in the area of sales and production, this compound sought to relocate its showroom to a larger, more facilitated place, leading to its opening the VIP gallery– one of the largest in the country– in 1500 square meters in 2016.
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